Private Promo Video

Lena Zevgara Vs DJ Yiannis – ΄Ημαρτον – USA Lockdown Remix


This Video-Audio Remix is for Promotional and Educational USE ONLY!
All Rights Belong to Panik Platinum Records, under Exclusive License from Michael Touratzidis.


Artist Lena Zevgara
Michael Touratzidis TV
Lyrics By Jenny Tsiko


Remix Produced And Created By DJ Yiannis for ‘Outstanding Productions’ A.K.A. Yiannis ELia
Music Written By Yiannis ELia
Additional Vocal Harmonies By Lena Zevgara
Additional Keys By Pavlos Kokkinogenis
Additional Percussions By Yiannis ELia
Live Bass And Guitars By Matt Spar @ AZ Studio USA
Recorded @ SimpLink Ltd.
Mixed And Mastered @ Knappy’s Studios USA